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Harmonized Fiscal Statistics

Special Data Dissemination Standard- SDDS – IMF

The following data correspond to Public Financial statistics in accordance to the Special Data Dissemination Standard – SDDS created by the International Monetary Fund – IMF. This standard for financial information was established to disseminate information to the public, allowing them to compare countries' macroeconomic indicators. Since its release, the standard became a fundamental tool in IMF's global effort to promote greater transparency within the international financial market, contributing to the elaboration of solid macroeconomical policy.

More detailed information about SDDS can be obtained at IMF's website.

General Government Statistics



The Macroeconomic Monitoring Group (GMM) of Mercosur was established in June 2000. It comprises a group of experts from the Ministries of Economy and Finance and the Central Banks entrusted with the elaboration and follow-up of a common methodology for the harmonization of fiscal statistics. This work led to the establishment of a common methodology presented in the Manual on Fiscal Statistics (MEF 2000)

With firm determination to allow homogeneous comparison of a growing range of indicators and to promote transparency, the group has elaborated, in recent years, the Manual on Fiscal Statistics of Mercosur 2010 (Mercosur MEF 2010) as a result of the continuing harmonization work. Its content corresponds to the necessity of increasing and strengthening the available fiscal data. The Mercosur MEF 2010 is based on the Government Finance Statistics Manual (GFSM 2001) and on the European System of Accounts 1995.

The harmonized statistics are available at the GMM website.