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Investors Relations Office

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The National Treasury Investors Relations Office – GERIN was created in 2001, integrating Public Debt Strategic Planning Office – COGEP. Its main attributions are developing, maintaining and improving the contact with the domestic and foreign market participants, aiming at providing transparency and better information about the management of the Federal Public Debt – DPF and the borrowing plan of the National Treasury, as such as contributing to broaden the investor base.

The GERIN, besides the domestic and foreign investors, deals with the market analysts and the rating agencies, with emphasis on the public debt management and, indirectly, on the fiscal policy. Its main activities are elaborating reports about relevant facts related to the DPF and presentations to investors, rating agencies and other players of the domestic and foreign market, maintaining the National Treasury Secretariat website regarding the Federal Public Debt; besides organizing periodic meetings and conference calls with the main players.

In Brazil, besides the Investors Relations Office – GERIN from the National Treasury, the society and the financial community count on the Investor Relations Group – Gerin from the Central Bank. The Investor Relations Group was created in April 1999 as part of the monetary policy framework of the new inflation-targeting regime. Its objective is to improve two-way communication between the Central Bank and the private sector (both domestic and foreign), with a special focus on investors, providing information and analysis on various aspects of the Brazilian economy and economic policy. The Investor Relations Group is responsible for the Market Expectations Survey, created in May 1999,as part of the transition to the inflation targeting system.