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Frauds Related to Public Bonds

The National Treasury frequently receives questions about the possibility of redemption, exchange, conversion (in NTN-A), payments of tax originated debt or other operations involving LTN (Letra do Tesouro Nacional), supposedly issued in the 1970's in the form of physical certificates. A number of law firms has been generating negative outcomes to their clients by offering deals based on false evidence, presenting invalid calculations that would allegedly assign high values to those bonds.

All the LTNs issued in the 1970s, in physical certificate format, had maturity shorter than 365 days and have, therefore, prescribed and are no longer valid. There was no exception to this rule, nor has ever occurred any renegotiation of their maturity terms. Hence, the National Treasury has never issued any documents testifying renegotiation of these paper terms. Additionally, we inform that neither do we recognize any LTNs, featured as purple, blue, green, gold, series H, J, K, L  or with any other color or letter characteristic.

For examples, of common imitations related to Brazilian public debt securities access the link below:

Examples of false documents

In order to verify if an specific bond has lost its financial value, send a message to including all the information available about the bond in question. The National Treasury staff will answer your question as soon as possible.