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Borrowing Requirements and Targets for 2014

The borrowing requirements projected for 2014, which reflect maturities of federal government debt on the market, are as follows:

Borrowing Requirements for 2014

The National Treasury disclosures to the public quantitative reference of its acts by defining targets for the major indicators of the Federal Public Debt (FPD) in the end of the year, in terms of outstanding, composition and maturity profile. These targets are expressed as upper and lower limits in such a way as to ensure the flexibility of public debt management, making it possible to adjust to alterations in public bond market conditions or macroeconomic scenario.

Considering the borrowing requirements and strategy set for 2014, the targets projected for the main indicators of the FPD are:

Federal Public Debt Targets for 2014


For more information about the borrowing requirements, the expected results and the borrowing strategy for 2014, consult the Annual Borrowing Plan.